Resurrecting the online profile of an experienced Chartered Surveyors

JW Chartered Surveyors

JW Chartered Surveyors

JW Surveyors are an independent team of experienced chartered surveyors based in West Sussex.


JW Surveyors approached Lumberjack with the challenge to update their online presence, a neglected area of the business for a number of years – their current site was nearly ten years old.

As to be expected the business and the way it operated had changed considerably in that time, an objective being to re-align the site with their main services.

Prior to the project the company had also rebranded so strengthening the new brand via the new site was also key.

Designing for every screen

All components were designed and built to adapt to the various screen sizes the site would likely be visited on. While analytics showed higher desktop usage than some industries a smooth experience on mobile devices was created to improve the bounce-rate figures experience by the current, non-responsive site.

Subtle animations were introduced to enhance the user experience where appropriate and without negatively impacting performance.

Lumberjack provide a fantastic, professional service which is backed up by excellent and efficient support and communication throughout the whole process.

Julian Wilkins
Julian Wilkins
Managing Director