Increasing sales for an online producer of premium bike sheds

Brighton Bike Sheds

Brighton Bike Sheds

Brighton Bike Sheds produce a range of convenient but premium solutions for storing your bikes securely.

The Solution

Improving the UX or the purchase process was our number one goal. 3D renders of every product variation were created so that customers had a clear and consistent visual representation of their choices.

We were careful not to clutter the interface at the same time making all the information relavant to someone making buying choices easily accessible.

The main configurable options of size, cladding and roof type were later complimented with optional extras, enhancing the versatility of the product range.

Prioritising the mobile experience

We bang on about a mobile-first approach to websites all the time and it was key again here. A large percentage of leads would be coming from social channels such as Instagram and Pinterest so we spent considerable time planning the purchasing process on mobile devices, while ensuring that process was just as smooth on all devices.

The result

The company has seen a dramatic increase in sales since the launch, one month seeing a 350% increase from the previous calendar year.

Lumberjack were great to work with and took real care in implementing a beautifully designed e-commerce site for my business. I'd recommend them for sure.

Aaron Priestman