Helping a growing football club connect with the local and wider community

Worthing Football Club

Worthing Football Club is hoping to go places. A five year plan from an ambitious young chairman to reach the sixth tier of English Football.

George Dowell bought the club in 2014 when it was on the brink of bankruptcy, using compensation awarded to him following a car crash that left him paralysed from the chest down.

The transformation to present day is vast, a state of the art artificial pitch, hired out to the community when not in use for training, a development centre that runs coaching sessions for 8-16 years olds throughout the week as well as a growing list of other facilities that make it more than just a football club.


The club previously, like many others of it’s kind had been running a Pitchero website but needed something a lot more tailored to it’s individual needs.

The challenge for any football club with its web presence is handling the large amount of necessary content, coupled with a wide variety of different user groups and objectives. The site had to satisfy the needs of the club’s sponsors, youth team members looking for their next match, development centre parents looking for information as well as the day-to-day supporter wanting the latest news on the team.

Image © Pitchside Photo

Alongside re-imagining the club’s website, Lumberjack also introduced a wider digital strategy, managing all social media accounts to bring consistency to their posts and ensuring all updates were either informative or engaging but always on-brand.

The Twitter account has seen a 30% increase in profile visits and a 20% increase in tweet engagement compared to the same period last year, while the following on Instagram has grown by 90% in just two months.

Since working with Lumberjack we’ve found them great at listening to our ideas and advising us on how best to implement them. Everything they produce is slick, professional and clean and we’ve seen a huge benefit of the work they’ve done on our social media outlets.

George Dowell - Majority Shareholder