Elevating a talented individual above a crowded health and fitness scene

George Branford Personal Training

George Branford is an ex-professional footballer turned personal trainer. His wealth of knowledge across health, fitness and nutrition combined with his personality, dedication and hard work make him stand out in an a oversaturated field of fitness advisors.

His services consist of three offerings; personal training, both 1-on-1 and groups, food plans and advice and Branfsbootcamp, a twice a week circuits based, cardio class.

With a strong Instagram following, it’s likely a lot of his visits would be coming from mobile users so a rock-solid experience across mobile devices was key.

As always a mobile-first approach was taken to ensure this, making sure key information on each of his services was easily accessible, while tasks such as getting in touch or making a booking were made as straight forward as possible for those on smaller screens.

George’s friendly and out-going personality is what his current client base love about him, so getting that over in his website was another key objective. George was aware how important his presence on Instagram was to achieving this too, so integration on the site was also key to drive those currently not following him to his feed.

A solid mobile experience was pivotal to the strategy

In a competitive industry like health and fitness it’s hard to stand out but I feel my website helps me do that so I’m delighted I chose to work with Lumberjack.

George Branford - Personal Trainer