Elevating a talented individual above a crowded health and fitness scene

George Branford Personal Training

George Branford is an ex-professional footballer turned personal trainer. His wealth of knowledge across health, fitness and nutrition combined with his personality, dedication and hard work make him stand out in an a oversaturated field of fitness advisors.

His services consist of three offerings; personal training, both 1-on-1 and groups, food plans and advice and Branfsbootcamp, a fast-growing circuits based, cardio class.


Using a combination of video, images and a colourful design we tried to portray George’s fun and outgoing personality.

With a list of some fairly high-profile clients, key testimonials were placed around the site to re-enforce visitors of George’s qualities.

Using Woocommerce to power the shop on the site George is able to manage his Branfsbootcamp members and take recurring, monthly payments and well as sell one-off goods like food plans and clothing.

In a competitive industry like health and fitness it’s hard to stand out but I feel my website helps me do that so I’m delighted I chose to work with Lumberjack.

George Branford George Branford — Personal Trainer
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